How much ocean waste is in one pair of nuos?
That depends on how big your feet are! But on average, one pair holds about 3 old flip-flops which equals around 300g of ocean waste flip-flops. That's pretty awesome, isn't it?
Do your products use animal derived materials?
Nope! We love our fluffy (and not so fluffy) friends! All our products are vegan and cruelty-free.
Can i choose the colour of the ocean waste middle layer?
Both our standard models use a random mix of 100% ocean waste. This means that we don't control the colour. However, sometimes the waste materials can be sorted by colour which means we'll offer you specific coloured limited editions. Keep an eye out for those! 
Do you offer different coloured straps?
Currently, as a starting project, we're like a budding artist with a limited palette. We may not have a ton of colors for our straps just yet, but trust us, we're dreaming big and planning to unleash a whole spectrum of strap goodness in the future! Right now, its only black though.
How Long Does An Order Take To Arrive?
Orders normally arrive within 2-4 working days. Once an order leaves our warehouse, carrier shipping delays may occur due to factors outside our control. We, unfortunately, can’t control how quickly an order arrives once it has left our warehouse. You should receive a tracking number in your e-mail which is the best way to get more insight into your package’s location and estimated delivery date.
When will the recollection scheme be available?
Good things take time! We're putting our superhero capes on, crunching numbers, brainstorming like mad scientists, and doing some serious finger-crossing for good luck. We're determined to create the recuperation plan that will blow your socks off (or in this case, your sandals!).
Can I send you my old flip-flops?
Thanks for thinking about the environment and wanting to recycle your old flip flops. That's a great move! We'd say, "Yes, absolutely! We're all about giving those flip flops a new lease on life. However, we're currently sorting out the details of our recollection scheme!
Until then, keep rocking those flip flops.
Which countries do you deliver to?
Currently we are delivering to the Austria, Belgium, France, Germany,
Netherlands, Spain and the UK but we will expand to more countries in
the future.
What payment methods can i use?
We've got more methods than you think and accept all major credit cards incl. Mastercard, Visa, American Express Discover, Unionpay and Diners Club as well as many different local payment methods including iDEAL and Bancontact.
We also accept PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Pay.
Can I make changes to my order after it’s been placed?
We know you can't wait to slip on those sandals so we do everything we can to fulfill orders quickly.
Unfortunately, you cannot make updates after that order has been placed. These changes include removing or adding products and/or changing the delivery address.
But mistakes do happen, so if you do need to make any important changes, feel free to reach out to us and we'll try our best! #teamwork
How Can I Choose The Right Size For Me?
Ah, the eternal struggle of finding the perfect fit! But fear not, because we've got a secret weapon to help you conquer the sizing challenge — our magical size chart that can be found within the product section.
As a rule of thumb, our sandals fit true to size but we are aware that a size for one brand can sometimes differ from the size of another brand.
can i make a return and is it free?
We totally get it if you need to return or exchange your Nuos. We want you to be head over heels in love with them! You've got 14 days to make up your mind. Just remember, those sandals need to be unworn and looking fresh, just like they arrived. Keep the packaging intact, too!
Now, here's the twist: you'll have to handle the return shipping, eco-warrior. We're all about saving the planet here, and that means being mindful of those carbon emissions. But hold on, we've got your back! You can exchange the size once, because finding the perfect fit is like finding true love - it's a journey!
To start the return or exchange adventure, get in touch with our fantastic customer support team.

Where humor meets reality: Surviving life with a twist!

We know when it comes to sustainable businesses, customers really like to drill down on the details. So, here is the ever growing list of questions we get asked: (Yes, they are all real!)

Why do you look like a rip-off? (And we all know what brand we are talking about!)
Ah, the detectives are on the case!
We're more like their long-lost eco-friendly cousin who spends weekends cleaning up the beach. Sure, we've got that stylish flair and comfort you love, but we've also got a secret weapon up our sleeves—recycled ocean waste!
Our sandals are like super sandals, crafted with love from the very trash that pollutes our oceans. So, we're the cool kid on the block with a green twist. Join the recycling revolution, my friend, and let's make the world a more fashionable and cleaner place!
Why do you collect the trash in thailand?
Alright, buckle up for a wild ride on the carbon footprint express! Picture this: we've got a mission to save the oceans. Now, while it may seem a bit counterintuitive to ship materials from Thailand to Europe, here's the deal: Mother Nature's not exactly a neat freak when it comes to ocean waste, especially flip-flop waste.
Alas, the majority of that oceanic treasure ends up chillin' in the sunny shores of developing countries.

But don't worry, we're not ones to ignore the carbon footprint dance. We're always working on ways to minimize our impact.
can i blame auto-correct for all the spelling mistakes in my order?
Absolutely! Autocorrect is the ultimate scapegoat for any spelling blunders you make.
why are they so expensive if they are made from trash?
Ah, we see you've caught us in the act of "making waste expensive". We take the discarded treasures from the ocean, carefully handpick each wave-worn material, and sprinkle it with some nuoceans magic.

We totally get why you might wonder about the cost. The reality is, creating sustainable products involves meticulous research, development, and sourcing of materials. Actually, processing waste materials are often more costly than using virgin materials.

We work with organisations and partners committed to cleaning up our oceans and support ethical practices and good working conditions. So while they may carry a higher price tag, our recycled Nuos are a statement of style and sustainability.
will my feet sweat since the footbed is made from vegan leather?
Oh, absolutely! Our sandals are basically portable saunas for your feet. We've developed a top-secret technology that guarantees a never-ending sweat party. In fact, we've had some customers claim they achieved their daily hydration goals just by wearing our sandals.

On a serious note, there is not much difference with normal leather.
can i use my sandals for self defense?
We have tried them under various conditions, and all we can say is that they are really sturdy. 🤷🏽