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For us, sustainability isn't just a buzzword; it's at the core of everything we do. We believe in transparency, which is why we're committed to sharing the journey of our materials, right from their source to your feet. Our sandals represent our dedication to environmental responsibility and ethical practices. Made from recycled and animal-free materials, each component has been chosen to minimise our ecological footprint. We are constantly striving to look for the most sustainable materials and business practices so we can ultimately hit a carbon neutral target.

We're proud to offer footwear that not only looks and feels great but also aligns with our values:

Our sandals contain the highest percentage of ocean plastics currently on the market!

All materials are vegan and cruelty-free, recycled and recyclable* - from straps, to footbed, to our NUOLAYER, to outsole.

*All but one: the buckles, the buckles... currently this is the only virgin material (metal) we use as we haven't yet found a recycled alternative. If you happen to know one, please let us know through the form down below.

If you are interested in how they are made and where we source our raw materials from click here:

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Our straps are made from recycled, vegan leather, a material that not only upholds our cruelty-free ethos but is also giving discarded materials new life. Whilst this still contains plastic, even though recycled one, we are working on a new material for our straps containing bio-based palmtree fibre.

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This is our proudest part! The bit we are not only famous and known for but what makes us and YOU stand out in a sea full of ordinary sandals: The unique NUOLAYER - derived entirely from 100% ocean waste flip-flops, contributing to the cleanup of our marine ecosystems. And, because it's made from shredded waste materials, each pair of NUOS is unique and a one off! We source the flip-flops directly where they are washed up in the south of Thailand.

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The footbed is constructed from recycled cork, mainly from old cork stoppers, offering both comfort and sustainability. For an extra layer of "oh-my-days-these-sandals-are-really-comfy", we added a soft, cushioned gel-layer on top of the cork so you can walk in them all day long and your feet will thank you for that.

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Even our outsoles are made from recycled EVA (which is post consumer waste from the footwear industry), ensuring that every step you take leaves a positive impact on the planet.

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Let's hear it! We are always open for suggestion and ideas of the newest, coolest, most sustainable materials out there!