Nuoceans team sitting on a wall Nuoceans team sitting on a wall



Our Start-Up journey begins with a simple yet powerful idea: making the world a better place!

As a team of three different individuals who met at Uni and shared this one goal, we got on this journey to make a difference - and transforming discarded flip-flops into unique sandals was only our starting point...

The problem nobody talked about:

We were on a beach vacation in Asia, soaking up the sun and having a good time. But amidst the paradise, a harsh reality hit us soon: Flip-flops! Everywhere we looked, miles of discarded flip-flops, as common as seashells. 3 billion of flip-flops are produced EVERY YEAR and the worst thing? Most of them are made from virgin plastic and thrown away after only a short holiday fling with their owner...

That's when everything turned around for us; As a team of young students, we drew up a blueprint for a change. From rescued footwear to recycled one, we thought - let’s literally take the first step in tackling ocean pollution in a nu way: let’s create something awesome!

And so... Nuoceans was born. The brainchild of our determined minds!

Team member carying a nuoceans sandals in her hand


We took the first steps towards a fully circular manufactured product and did the unthinkable: We created the world's first sandal made from unrecyclable flip-flop waste, packed with the highest dose of ocean plastic currently on the market!


To create waves of positive change!

And, to make sandals that last a lifetime and leave a trail of good vibes for us and our oceans. With Nuoceans on your feet, you become an advocate for a cleaner environment, combating a problem that has been swept under the sand for far too long.

Drone shot of nuoceans team on a beach
We're all about creating a movement, making waves that'll make you say, "Now that's how you save the oceans, baby!"

Since 2018, we've been this mission to leaving a legacy that shouts, "We're here to make a real difference!" While some organisations claim to fight ocean plastic waste just to boost their green credentials, we're here to set the record straight - with ocean waste that no one tackles (flip-flops...), and with a fully circular manufactured product packed with the highest dose of ocean plastic currently on the market!

And, we believe that together we can rewrite the story of ocean pollution in a stylish yet sustainable way. So, are you ready to decide your next step?

Nuoceans team carying the sandals in their hands


Let's together make waves of positive change, because who says, that sandals can't be the start of it all?
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