Our "Let's leave a legacy" story

Flip-flop waste, the sneaky secret of the footwear world!

Did you know that these seemingly innocent favorites are almost entirely unrecyclable? Yet, here's the shocker: they reign as the undefeated #1 footwear worldwide. And, another mind-blowing fact is that a whopping 3 billion pairs are pumped out every single year. That's right - 3 billion! But hold onto your beach hats because these flip-flops are also guilty of causing a tidal wave of ocean pollution. So, it's time to flip the script on this flip-flop phenomenon!

We’re one of the first companies that has found a way of making practical use from what were once just a pair of discarded flip-flops floating around in our oceans. Plastic bottles, bags, and straws may have their recycling game on point, but who takes care of the forgotten flotsam that washes ashore? Well, we do!

Since 2018, we've been on a mission to leave a legacy that shouts, "We're here to make a real difference!" While some organizations claim to fight ocean plastic waste just to boost their green credentials, we're here to set the record straight. Our intentions go beyond good—they're downright fabulous!

At Nuoceans, we're all about creating a movement, making waves that'll make you say, "Now that's how you save the oceans, baby!"

We were on a beach vacation in Asia, soaking up the sun and having a good time. But amidst the paradise, a harsh reality hit us soon—ocean pollution. And you know what we found? Flip-flops! Everywhere we looked, miles of discarded flip-flops, as common as seashells.

That's when it hit us like a lightning bolt of genius: we had to be the change we wished to sea! As a team of young students, we drew up a blueprint for a change, diving into the heart of the problem—the way we consume on land!

Nuoceans, was born. The brainchild of our determined minds. We took the first steps on a journey armed with a circular manufacturing process and a dash of audacity. We did the unthinkable: we created the world's first sandal made from unrecyclable flip-flop waste, packed with the highest dose of ocean plastic currently on the market.

Our mission? To make sandals that last a lifetime and leave a trail of good vibes for our oceans. With Nuoceans on your feet, you become an advocate for a cleaner environment, combating a problem that has been swept under the sand for far too long.

Step into our world, where fun meets responsibility and make a fashion statement with sandals that make a difference. Together, we can rewrite the tale of ocean pollution and rock the shorelines in a stylish, sustainable way!