We made ocean waste (and passion) our raw material

Our beautiful planet is 70% ocean, a mesmerizing expanse that not only gives us the air we breathe but also serves as a haven for countless creatures. Yet, these precious waters face an alarming threat.

Can you believe that a mind-boggling 11 million tonnes of plastic end up in our oceans each year? And that's in addition to the whopping 150 million tonnes that have already found their way there. It's time to turn the tide on this crisis!

Flip-flops... Billions of them are made annually, but they often fly under the pollution radar. Their often very cheap purchase and disposal wreak havoc, transforming waters into polluted nightmares and lush lands into wastelands. But here's the exciting part: we, as consumers, hold the power in our hands (and feet) to make a real change.

"Let's embrace innovation, and transform discarded flip-flops into something extraordinary.", is what we propose to you! By choosing to be part of the nu movement, you become a superhero wearing super sandals for our oceans. Together we can create a vibrant future where every step is filled with fun, responsibility, and a whole lot of positive change. So join us and let's make a change together in this exciting journey of ocean-loving, ocean-saving awesomeness!

1. Dirty talk

Our partners directly at the source, collect ocean waste, beach rubbish, and discarded flip-flops before they are separated, cleaned, shredded, and pressed together to create colourful sheets. Those make the unique layer in the middle of our sandals. And the best bit is, that each pair of Nuos holds around 5 old pairs or 500g worth of flip-flop waste. Recycling with a splash of fun!

2. Material Assembly

In our Spanish factory the vibrant sheets find their new home. Here, we weave recycled materials into the magic of Nuos. The outsoles are made from recycled EVA, the straps from recycled vegan leather and the footbed from recycled cork. And, we've added a cushioned layer on top for extra comfort. It's a combo of recycled delight and foot-pampering bliss, all in one fabulous pair of Nuos!

3. Ship Ahoy'

Your Nuos arrive straight from our partner company which provides safe workspaces for people with disabilities. Unbox, slip them on, and get ready to rock your unique style. Don't forget to show off your Nuos by tagging us @nuoceansltd. We can't wait to see how you shine in them!

4. Counting every step

At Nuoceans, we create sandals that are fierce defenders against ocean pollution and are designed to last. But when the time comes for them to retire, worry not! We've got you. Send us your worn-out pair, and we'll work our recycling magic, ensuring they never join the polluting party again.

Recollection plan in progress

No pair gets left behind. When your Nuos are ready for another makeover, we'll take them back and treat you to a discount on your next purchase. Our team is currently spicing up the recollection plan to make it extra fabulous, so stay tuned for the launch. In the meantime, show your solemate some extra love and care. We'll keep you posted on all the details.

• Grab your worn-out Nuos
Find your nearest recollection point online
• Pack your Nuos in the return box
• Say 'bye for now'
• We'll do the rest (for free of course)
• Get a 15% discount on your next purchase

Join us on our journey towards a better future by being part of a generation of change makers and stepping beyond ocean waste

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